About the Car

The generous dimension of NEW RAPID 1.0 TSI boasts its dynamic comfort with class-leading roominess. With smart technology, you can upgrade the spirit and convenience of your driving experience.

6 Reasons to buy Škoda Rapid
  • 1. Design - The ŠKODA RAPID is a masterpiece in the truest sense, It stays loyal to the brand’s timeless design ideals while simultaneously incorporating avant-garde elements.
  • 2. Power - The new powerful yet efficient engine will deleiver exactly what you need. The power to power ahead, The new ŠKODA RAPID 1.0 TSI is delivered with class leading petrol engine combining having pleasure and environmental Values.
  • 3. Comfort - The breathtaking designs of the new ŠKODA RAPID Seamlessly lend themselves to other luxury features. The results -so much comfort, you’ll wish your journey was your final destination.
  • 4. Infotainment - The new ŠKODA RAPID and your smartphone speak the same language with the android radio.
  • 5. Roominess - A good relationship is one where you get enough space to yourself. And the new ŠKODA RAPID is the perfect partner that is thoughtfully designed to accommodate you and everything you might ever need.
  • 6. Safety - At ŠKODA, we believe that safety is a priority and not just an option. Which is why we offer important features as standard in the new ŠKODA RAPID.


Trunk Spoiler

Rear Diffuser

LED Day-time running lights

Clubber Alloy Wheels

Dual-tone Ebony Sand Interior

Four Airbags

Cruise control

Front Amberglow Illumination

Multi-functional steering wheel

New 1.0 TSI engine

Cooled Glove Box Compartment